“Foreign policy profession is, let me put it gently, full of baloney. It’s people who talk about the complexities, people who talk about vast problems, it’s people who talk about managing relations and getting along. And your father had a very different orientation, similar to mine, which was, “how do you begin to fix the problem?” – LES GELB


“You could just love the guy for a number of reasons. I mean, not only his passion, a lot of people have passion, but his coolness under fire, his desire to solve problems, which from the point of view of a diplomat, to see someone just bring to bear this intelligence and this real thirst to solve a problem, it is a pleasure to watch.” – CHRIS HILL


“You know he wrote an auto-biography when he was 14.  At the end, he writes, most people write their auto-biographies after they’re famous.  I’m writing mine before I’m famous.” – ANDREW HOLBROOKE


“The most interesting things I learned about Dad’s work were things I learned from sitting like a fly on the wall, like a son on the wall, in his room quietly while he talked to other people. He never considered it worth his time, it sounds worse than it is, he never considered it worth his time to tell me just me, just me, a story that would, when he could tell that story to a wider audience.” – ANTHONY HOLBROOKE


“He was a strong player with a strong point of view. He brought out strong responses. And when people saw a misstep, they jumped at it. I mean, they just thought ‘Oh my God, if this one would take out Holbrooke, it’d be great.’ You know, he was controversial. He was big. He was strong.  He stepped on a lot of toes, and he was right about a stunning amount of stuff.” – JIM JOHNSON


“Whenever we would have a disagreement, on those rare occasions that all couples do, he would always say, “You know, Kati, you and I both know where we want this to come out, so let's just get to that point.” – KATI MARTON


“There’s nothing on Earth like vitality.  Reorganizing the room.  And every time he walked in a room, it would be more questions, more energy for the answers and more passion, more passionate certainty that we could be better at something.” – DIANE SAWYER


“He just wasn’t prepared to be just an ordinary bureaucrat.  He wanted to understand what was going on.  To meet those who made decisions and to be able to influence those decisions.” – FRANK WISNER